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Women of Windmill Ranch

Women of the Windmill Ranch meet on the third Thursday of each month at 10 A.M. It is potluck with different women hosting each month. We share our crafts, hobbies, and the latest news.

Suggestions provided for emergencies: 

Most of us have snake kits and first aid kits. We need to have extra water on hand for drinking and flushing toilets. Some have emergency food and when you save can goods turn them over periodically to increase their life expectancy. Newer aluminum cans with acidic foods may develop minute holes that will leak and make the food toxic. Checking your stored food is recommended.

Patti Walrod suggested giving your GPS information and flying a windsock so the helicopter can find the address easily. It can take emergency vehicles 45 minutes to reach some homes on the ranch.

Mary Manzi and Billie Odell have oxygen.

Norman Younghusband has a gurney for moving people and heavy equipment for rescue operations.

Julie McNeary suggested everyone get an intercom system from Radio Shack. It’s easy to operate and everyone is on channel 10.

We are working on a map with everyone’s lot # and name so people can be located easily.

 We have a directory of members so we keep contact between meetings. The ladies of the Windmill Ranch support one another when a need arises, whether it’s bringing food for someone who is sick, feeding animals, helping move things, driving in an emergency, pulling someone out of the mud, doing errands in town, or cleaning homes etc.

Medical Professionals that live on the ranch: Tammy and Andy Picard, Jackie Haeft and Jonnie Rothermel

Sandy Miles teaches pastel, oil and acrylic painting for both beginning and intermediate students.
An 8 week course is $100.00. Please contact Sandy at 928-232-0969 for more details.

Also, check out her website:

We are a community of friends.