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How Can We Help?

The definition of a neighbor is: one living near, bordering or located near another. On the Windmill Ranch a neighbor is more than that.

As neighbors we help one another and that is one of the reasons I like living at the Windmill Ranch.

When someone has a medical issue we bring them food, drive them to appointments or tend to their animals so they have an easier time recovering. We are just a phone call away when there may be miles between us. Sometimes it’s just an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a word of encouragement, or keeping an eye on another’s property while they are away.

Windmill Ranch neighbors are more than people who are located near one another.

We share ideas with one another about gardening tips and when the harvest time comes we share produce.

If someone has car or truck trouble a neighbor is ready to lend a hand, change a flat tire or jump a dead battery.

We enjoy BBQ’s in the summertime and getting together at the annual meeting with many who live out of the area who come to spend time at their property.

We are never alone as long as we have neighbors. 

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