Windmill Ranch Hualapai Association
"A Little bit of  Heaven"

The Windmill Ranch is located at:
Latitude       35º  1'43.32 N
Longitude    113º  39'55.28 W

The Saturday after Mother's Day we will hold our Annual Meeting at a new location in Kingman. The meeting will begin at high noon. We will announce this location a a later date.

As at all Board meetings "No weapons are allowed".

Welcome to the Windmill Ranch - West Side - We are located approximately 30 miles East of Kingman, Arizona.  10 miles from Interstate 40 and  quietly situated on Hwy 93 South (also known as exit 71 off I40).  The history of the Windmill Ranch is scattered with us younger residents, but we heard that in the 1800's it was a picnic stop of people that were traveling to and from Kingman and Phoenix. 

We live a relatively quiet life out here.  A majority of residents have 40 acres or more.  We have horse people, cattle people, people raising chickens and other poultry, garden people.  All nestled below and in the towering Aquarius mountains and the Hualapai mountains.  Our beautiful views go on forever and our sunrises and sunsets are beyond description.  We are a very neighborly bunch, watching out for each other and aware of strangers.  We are like a family.  Ranch parties and BBQ's are a commonplace occurrence because we all live so far apart.  Our neighbors and our friends out here are like angels, we don't see them, but when needed they are there.  We live simple lives. 

Our roads are dirt, there is a lot of dust, some rain storms make our washes run, and we have a myriad of critters to deal with.  Rattlesnakes, scorpions, badger, mountain lions, coyotes, javelina, and a large number of birds of all different species, whether residents or just passing through on their migration.  Occasionally we will see deer or elk also. 

A lot of the residents are off the grid, living on solar power and wind generators and their own wells.  The weather can range from the teens in the winter to over 100 in the summer.  But, no matter what we have to contend with out  here, we would never want to leave.  A lot of the residents don't even go on vacation because being on the Windmill Ranch is like being on vacation 24-7.  We do have a homeowners association, but nothing like those in the urban areas.  Basically it's just common sense rules for people who live on this ranch.
It is a fine place to retire and spend the rest of your life with neighbors who care. 



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